Promoting knowledge sharing among foundations in Colombia

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The Association of Corporate and Family Foundations (AFE) in Colombia was created on March 2008 by 9 family and corporate foundations. Today, AFE gathers 74 of the most relevant corporate and family foundations in Colombia.   AFE acts as the ambassador of its members, promoting and encouraging the coordination, cooperation, social innovation, transparency and the sharing of good practices and knowledge among members and, government and other civil society actors. AFE aims to achieve greater impact through the social interventions of its members to contribute to social equity and a sustainable peace development in Colombia. AFE developed an online geo-referenced database MAP, powered by Google Technology that consolidates complete information of AFE Foundations, promoting knowledge management among peers and other key social players.

Partnerships for the Goals , Strengthen domestic resource mobilization , Enhance cooperation on science, technology, innovation , Promote learning on environmentally sound technologies , Operationalize mechanism on technology, innovation, capacity-building , Enhance policy coherence for sustainable development , Enhance global sustainable development partnerships , Encourage, promote public, private, civil society partnerships , Support increase of high-quality, timely data , Support sustainable development progress measures, statistical capacity

The main challenge that drove AFE to create is interactive map was the lack of information and data that exists about the role of the national philanthropic sector in Colombia. An important challenge we assumed was to foster interest from our 74 member foundations in sharing strategic information about their projects, in order to consolidate this information in one single map of public access.

Given the context of the international development agenda with the inception of SDGs, the map also confronted the challenge of becoming a mechanism that could promote knowledge and awareness of the SDGs to the AFE Foundations.

The Association of Corporate and Family Foundations gathers 74 member foundations working in different areas throughout the country. In its role of connecting, communicating and advocating AFE identified the geo-referenced MAP as an opportunity to give more visibility to the work of its foundations with the intention to promote new partnership among them and other stakeholders. 
The MAP is an interactive tool that offers updated data to identify synergies and promote partnerships. It is a repository of information, with the aim to strengthen transparency, accountability and sharing of information with other collective maps, it shows AFE Foundation's consolidated information to reflect the trends of philanthropy, and social private investment, and finally, it can be appropriated in the web-pages of the associate foundations where they can customize it, manage their own projects and include their own indicators. Today AFE has data of more than 1.500 projects that are being implemented by foundations in Colombia. In addition, foundation activities are categorised and filtered by the SDGs. 

The SDGs filters was seen as an opportunity to give the map a global language that could strengthen the impact specifically with international actors who are interested either in entering to work in Colombia or are researching new ways to map data around the 2030 agenda.
The Map feeds other interactive platforms such as the Social Map of the Colombian government, while also providing information and data to the Foundation Center under the partnership taking place in the SDG philanthropy Platform, where Colombia is a pilot country and AFE the local partner of the SDG philanthropy platform.


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